Work done by Gala

Born in Hereford Texas Gala grew up in the country. Cows and Farming was most of her childhood years spent in Earth Texas. Studying in Houston Texas at AiH,  later Moving her to Paris France where she lives now.
Diving deeper into her interest in the paranormal, geopolitics, forbidden archaeology, and quantum physics so much,  you will see them in her Portraits, even if you don’t know what you are looking for.   However,  her love for nature is what you see for sure, but your soul is what you will feel in the journey of it.

If you learn nothing,  at least be responsible for the energy you bring to all places and things..

God Particles are what we all are,

we fight over what the word god means,

when it has no meaning and means all.

speed painting


 laura 12

portraits in the style of Van Gogh by Gala

van goug Jeff 2

the end to this page

We are all in the garden of life,

energy passing though us all moving from one to another,

If one flower is refusing to be a part of the garden,

it will wither away and die off,

another one to take its place,

 each stage of withering has its own energy of being,

even the wither rose has its moment to be.


Spring time in Pairs

If you learn nothing, that’s OK, at least be responsible for all energy you bring to all spaces.



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